"I like to think that we are different in a few subtle ways. We are far more interested in longevity than we are in a short-term relationship, so we try harder to take care of the details. We do that by putting ourselves in the client’s shoes. When we think the way they do, the little things fall into place – things that make the difference between a good job and an outstanding job. We

also make a habit of treating our suppliers and subcontractors as respected professionals. To the best of our ability, we want to make every job a good experience for them, as well as for our clients. That’s why communication is so important."

Dan Hazelhoff, Founder and President

"I’ve worked for Hazelhoff since I was old enough to help my dad. What I like best about this business is being able to drive around Kalamazoo and see what we’ve built or helped to build. With a lot of jobs you don’t have that advantage of seeing the results of your work. I also enjoy the interaction with construction managers and others on a project, communicating with all of them to pull a successful project together. There have been a lot of changes in the construction industry in the past ten years, and we’ve had to adapt; for example, to send drawings back and forth electronically. We’re always working to be more efficient."

Matt Hazelhoff, Vice President

"Our reputation is based on determination and hard work. When I tell someone that I’m going to do something, I have the responsibility for making it happen. That means we will think through a project, and then do whatever it takes to make it right. We’ve spent some long nights working on our own time to get something just right, but we do it because we want the job to turn out the way we envisioned it when we started."

Joe Hazelhoff, Vice President