The better a job starts, the better it finishes. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for quality based on our ability to plan a job thoroughly, and to translate that plan for our work team. Anybody can say that, but not everybody can get someone else to confirm it. We can:

"Hazelhoff’s crews are all skilled workmen, but they are more than that. They don’t just come in, do their jobs, and leave; they are comprehensive, adding value beyond what they were hired to do. They are always looking out for the project, the owner, and the other team members.”

Tom Clark, AVB Inc. 

“Hazelhoff is one of our favorite customers. They are well-organized, and their communication is top-notch. They follow-through, and they do what they say they are going to do – and that is the bottom line.”

Kevin Carroll, Contract Specialties

“Hazelhoff has a very talented crew of exceptional craftsmen, and finding such a good group can be difficult. There is a lot of integrity in their organization, and that is one of the things that is most important to us. They have a good sense of community – a camaraderie with other quality contractors. They understand the impact of their work on other subcontractors. They are professionals, and they appreciate professionals and treat them with respect.”

Jim Cripps, Cripps Fontaine Excavating

“We have worked with Hazelhoff Builders for over 10 years and we are very satisfied with their work and their prices. We are very comfortable recommending them. Every project they have completed for us has come in at or under budget. We trust them and prefer to use them on all of our projects. We have no concerns when they are doing the work, because it is done right and they stand behind their work. That is worth a lot in this business. They are good, honest hard working people who know what they are doing. We could look around and find a lower bid, however by the time the project is completed and the extras are added up it would most likely cost us more and we don’t believe the work would be as good. Even if we had to pay more it would be worth it. We can’t say enough good things about Hazelhoff Builders.”

Rick Schell, R.E. Schell Enterprises, LLC

“The CSM Select program rates all of our trade contractor partners with a 16-point grading system on a monthly basis. Hazelhoff is one of only three firms of more than 400 to achieve CSM Select status."

Steve East, CSM Group

"Hazelhoff is professional and well-organized. They are good people to work with, and I think very highly of them. Their clients’ interests are always at the forefront of their thought process, and that gets translated to us (as a supplier). Without question, their customer service is a cut above. When problems arise, they are willing to work toward a solution, without pointing fingers, or blaming."

Syd Baxter
, S.A. Morman & Co.